The Ernest Mlynarczyk Leadership Award 2018-03-15T19:46:12+00:00

Ernest Mlynarczyk was a Supervisor for Sears Pool Management in 2006 and was promoted to Area Manager in 2007.  Tragically, Earnest passed away in a motorcycle accident on Christmas day 2007.  The Ernest Mlynarczyk Leadership Award has been designed to honor his memory by recognizing the individual achievements of our staff.

The “Ernest” award is presented annually to the SPMC employee who best exemplifies the characteristics and qualities that made Ernest so special.  This person demonstrates excellent leadership, communication and customer service skills.  He/she is professional and flexible, willing to go above and beyond, and shows respect for others.  This individual is committed to the job through the creation of new and useful ideas while showing attention to detail in all that he/she does.

These characteristics of Ernest represent what we can strive for in our daily lives.

The recipient of the “Ernest” award receives and place with their name engraved as well as a monetary reward.  The recipient’s name is also engraved on a larger plaque that is displayed in our main office.

Congratulations to the following recipients:

  • 2017 – Barbara Rion
  • 2016 – Bojan Sijakovic
  • 2015 – Bojan Sijakovic
  • 2014 – Igor Veselinovic
  • 2013 – Miroslav Radev
  • 2012 – Lazar Miljkovic
  • 2011 – Darren Merritt
  • 2010 – Igor Veselinovic
  • 2009 – Josh Fletcher
  • 2008 – Josh Fletcher